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NYOVA was a forward-thinking furniture company dedicated to fostering young talent through an annual competition. It was through this innovative approach that FORM was conceived.

FORM is an innovative collection of lighting fixtures, comprising three wall modules and a ceiling version. These luminous marvels draw their inspiration from the smooth, organic contours of pebbles. Following meticulous curation, the most visually captivating designs were carefully chosen to give birth to FORM.

This collection offers users the opportunity to craft captivating mosaics in spaces such as receptions, hallways, and open areas. Additionally, the ceiling version seamlessly complements the entire series.

Crafted from robust solid pine and thermoformed polystyrene, the modules in the FORM collection stand as a testament to NYOVA’s commitment to quality and innovation.



  • Small model: W25 D12,5 H5 cm
  • Medium model: W49 D20 H5 cm
  • Big model: W64 D22 H5 cm
  • Ceiling version: W27 D18 H5 cm