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Sirocco chair draws inspiration from the commanding presence of the desert wind, mirroring the elegance and aerodynamics found in sleek sailing boats. Just as a boat cuts through the water with grace, our creation showcases sculpted forms and sharp angles that exude a sense of dynamic movement. The wind’s erosive nature has sculpted every surface, leaving behind smooth lines as if shaped by the forces of nature itself.

The chair’s refined volumes evoke a perfect balance and harmony, while seamless transitions between sections mirror the fluidity and agility of sailing on the open sea. Embracing the spirit of both the desert wind and sailing boats, the Sirocco chair captures a timeless essence of strength, grace, and timeless design.

Sirocco was designed together with Alejandro Ortega, as part of our former studio OrtegaGuijarro.



  • Width: 58,5 cm
  • Depth: 52 cm
  • High: 76,5 cm