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Sol Movie


Movie and Art Direction for Apex: Exploring the ClassiCon Sol Side Table

In today’s digital-centric era, where connecting with audiences relies heavily on digital communication due to limited physical interaction, we sought to embrace this evolving landscape. The project “Apex” aligns with our creative vision for the ClassiCon Sol side table, the latest addition to the collection. The name “Apex” signifies the sun’s zenith, a moment when light, shadows, and reflections reach their pinnacle.

To craft a captivating and impactful short film, we collaborated with Robin Barners, a skilled 3D artist based in London. Together, we embarked on a creative journey, shaping our cinematic narrative to showcase the distinctive qualities of the ClassiCon Sol side table. Our storyboard integrated various cinematic techniques to evoke diverse emotions and sentiments in our audience. Balancing cold and warm frames, as well as slow and fast sequences, we maintained a dynamic pace throughout the film. This deliberate approach allows viewers to gradually uncover the intricacies of this sculptural masterpiece.