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The Treviso tables are grounded in architectural principles, with their inception rooted in the utilization of esteemed materials such as travertine marble. Drawing inspiration from the intricacies and proportions of classical Italian architecture, these tables strive to accentuate the inherent purity of the chosen material. The aesthetic manifestation mirrors that of a sculptural masterpiece, incorporating oval columns as foundational elements and thinner tabletops that engender a captivating interplay of volumes.

This collection encompasses two distinct models, constituting a duo of varying heights. The low table boasts a top with an artfully asymmetrical composition, while its base exudes a robust and voluminous presence, infusing dynamism into the ensemble. Conversely, the high table features a circular top and an angled base, harmoniously employing the same module as its counterpart, thus fostering visual and stylistic coherence throughout the collection.



  • Asymmetrical Coffee Table: W128 D56 H36 cm
  • Rounded Coffee Table: W100 D100 H40 cm
  • Side Table: W54 D54 H46 cm